Homecoming Makeup


Just the right glitter to sparkle through the night of Homecoming meant the H family ladies were going to do some bonding at Sephora.

My sister Facebook messaged me her dream makeup for homecoming. @hypnaughty posted this look, and Ashley was swooning. I, however, was sweating. Let’s just say not too many brides request a look this fierce.

We rushed out to Sephora to buy some shimmer in a bottle. Ashely chose Stila Metals Glitter & Glow liquid shadow in Molten Midnight.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it for its dense sparkle effect and gorgeous color. Some other brands have sparse glitter, but Stila delivers. The wide foam wand it comes with is like a lip gloss applicator. If you want a precision look, blot product onto a clean pallet (I use a sheet of waxed paper or artist pallets like this). Dip a clean, fine eyeliner brush into the glitter, and you will magically be able to do more delicate looks.

We substituted black matte eyeshadow for liquid liner.

1) Because it’s sound economics to have fewer products in your kit.
2) Makeup can double up for more than one use. I have never had eyeliner in my makeup kit. Instead, I use matte eyeshadows.  As a result, I have a hundred colors to choose from for less of an investment.

To make any matte eyeshadow an eyeliner spritz your eyeliner brush with a setting spray. I use Urban Decay All Nighter. Dip the brush into the pigment and apply. Using this method made application of a thick, dark black winged liner go faster, and it set beautifully. It’s easier than using liquid liner, too.

Taking risks is the boldest thing a person can do. This Homecoming look is perfection.