And The Bridal Bouquet Was Made of Wood

Bridal Bouquets Made from Wood by Eco Flower

Bridal bouquets made of wood will preserve your wedding day memories for at least the next quarter century. Your child could even carry your wedding bouquet down the aisle. How fabulous is that?

Wood bridal bouquets that are perfectly lifelike by Eco Wood.

My Twin Lakes Chapel bride, Dawn traveled with her bridal bouquet in her carry-on luggage.  I was shocked to find out they were handcrafted wood and had to touch them to be sure I wasn’t being fooled. Since her entire bridal party carried wooden flower bouquets, she can incorporate memories into tablescapes, garlands, and home decor as a loving memory of their wedding day.

I love this creative way to display a token from your wedding day.

I love this creative way to display a token from your wedding day.
Eco Flower also makes home decor and made-to-order custom flowers. They have some gorgeous arrangements for the holidays that are available right now. Plan at least three months to order your bouquets, boutonnieres, or corsages.

The groom said ‘Why waste all that money on energy loss that just gets thrown away?’

He was talking about plants creating the first source of energy from the sun.

Fun fact: Plants convert sunlight into energy. ‘As a rule of thumb, only about 10% of the energy that’s stored as biomass in one trophic level—per unit time—ends up stored as biomass in the next trophic level—per the same unit time.’ – Khan Academy

Plants are producers of energy and anything that eats them are consumers. Photo from Encyclopedia Britanica.

This photo helps describe what the groom was talking about. Plants are the only living thing that uses sunlight to produce energy, and everything after that is a consumer.